This is a must read/listen to book whoever believes she/he is superior, different, entitled and has a need to constantly validate oneself. According to Dr Dweck these kinds of people, called Fixed Mindset (FM) people, believe that the human traits and qualities are cast in stone. They protect their fixed traits by avoiding challenges and failure as these would endanger their faultless appearance. They undermine effort, and blame others for their misfortunes. Enron and Chrysler were lead by FM CEOs who put their personal pride before the corporation. Notwithstanding his huge talent tennis star Mc Enroe never reached his full potential due to his fixed mindset.

People with Growth Mindset (GM) believe that abilities and personal qualities can be cultivated by through effort. They don’t see failure as reflection of their intelligence, as FM do, but as mere challenge to learn and become smarter. They are fearless, focus on development, and believe that everyone can improve with right tools, teaching and mindset. Jack Welsh, CEO of General Electric, rooted out his fixed mindset to transform GE by growth mindset of listening, caring and nurturing. In sports Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have shown how talent is converted to greatness by hard work and continuous learning.

Mindset can be employed not only to business and sports but also to relationships, parenting, coaching and teaching. One can change the mindset, and in the end of the book Dr. Dweck shares growth mindset strategies and gives practical advise how to apply them in everyday life.

Dr. Dweck is renowned psychologist at Stanford University who conducts research on achievement and success.

‘Mindset’ review was written by Anne Anttonen 1 May 2014