I find it inspiring to see how other members manage to balance work life, home life, family and running a business. It’s comforting to learn that it can be done! I’m currently an English teacher, studying for an English degree at the Open University, and running my own cake pops business. I recently got married and am thinking about starting a family, and the other members make me feel encouraged and positive about making it all work.

The word ‘sisterhood’ comes to mind, as everyone is so encouraging and honest. When you feel down there’s always someone to encourage you to find your own path and when you’re doing well everyone supports you. Everyone’s rooting for you and you’re allowed to make mistakes. As a result I feel empowered, like I can do anything as long as I put the time and resources into it. Without such a support system it’s harder to believe in yourself. No way would my business be where it is now without DrivenWoman; I’m now supplying bespoke cake pops for weddings and birthdays, and still managing to fit in work and studying. Being a member has enabled me to make my business a success.

Member since July 2013