When I came to my first DrivenWoman meeting I’d known for ages that I had it in me to launch my own business. I wanted to work hard and be successful. I had a product idea, but I was deluded about the process. Suddenly I had a group of women challenging me, asking ‘what are your costings?’ ‘where’s your market?’ They helped me realise what I needed to do and everyone was painfully honest – it was so refreshing. I felt accountable to the group as I’d said I’d do it and within two months I had a product. Whenever I hit a snag instead of sitting around drinking wine, it was no more bullshit, no drivelling on – instead I’d find a solution.

At DrivenWoman there’s always someone there who can give you an answer and help you tackle your obstacles. It’s very solution-based and fast acting, so you get so much out of the group. As the business has picked up and I’ve felt more and more accountable I haven’t been able to miss a single session. My chilli sauce company Chillidrops is now doing really well. I’ve done it on a shoestring but I’m now at £25k growth mode – expansion mode. Without DrivenWoman I could not have done this – and I wouldn’t have done it. We know we’ve got it in ourselves to do these things, to become who we’re meant to be, but for all this time I’ve just not known how to do it.

Member since May 2013