I was one of the founder members of DrivenWoman and I instantly loved having somewhere I could go to bounce ideas off the other members, sharing my ups and downs and uncertainties. I’ve been self-employed for years and while I love my work as a sports and exercise massage therapist, it can be very lonely.

DrivenWoman meetings give you the chance to dream a bit, to think bigger, and then to just get on with it. I used to be an Olympic Athlete and it’s taken me a long time to work out what I wanted, but the shared experience of DrivenWoman has given me that confidence to move forward and allowed me to be better at what I do. Having others to share your thoughts with gives you the belief that what you’re doing is right, and helps you trust your instincts.

I now have my own sports rehab clinic and have the confidence to take on the right work, to say no occasionally, rather than just taking on everything and working myself into the ground. I’m doing things more efficiently, rather than just doing it. As a group we’ve all come so far together, and I feel the experience has helped me come out of my little box, open up and be more confident, get active on social media, embracing who I am and going with it.

Member since May 2013