I work for myself and on my own as a massage therapist, so having cheerleaders is crucial – people who are also self-employed to bounce ideas off. Being entrepreneurs themselves, fellow DrivenWoman members understand my challenges as they resonate with what they’re going through. The DrivenWoman meetings give us the chance to get our business obstacles out on the table and get a different perspective from other members. They sometimes point things out about me that I hadn’t noticed, where I’ve improved and made progress, in ways that friends or family might not notice.

Working alone you can get caught up in your own issues and challenges to such an extent that you can’t see outside of them. Sometimes the worry and anxiety of a situation can seem huge but then when I talk about it in a meeting I realise everyone’s going through a similar thing, and that helps me get perspective. It’s like being coached because you end up answering your questions yourself. What’s more, the meetings are fun, we have a good laugh, but a few tears too. But being up-front about how you’re feeling is essential because then you get the most out of it. No-one judges you, everyone listens and supports you, and we all get to say our piece. It’s also good for networking, and finding opportunities to collaborate both with people inside the group and with their contacts too. Having an ongoing support group to keep me on track and make sure I’m doing what I planned is invaluable.

Member since December 2013