I got way more out of just the Introductory session at DrivenWoman than the business forum I already belonged to, so I left that and joined on the spot. I feel nurtured and supported by women trying to build businesses themselves, many of them more experienced than me. My business is a motoring directory website for female drivers. A lot of the DrivenWoman members run women-focussed businesses, so we share our knowledge of the market. You get the support of a group of women who are really interested in knowing how you’ve fared with the goals you set yourself the previous meeting, and who really care what your challenges are. It’s motivating and you still feel supported even if you haven’t reached your goals, and often find you’ve achieved more than you’d noticed. The monthly meetings make you accountable – you want to be able to tell them you’ve achieved something, and want to hear what they’ve done too. The result is that you get into a routine of achieving something every month. I’m currently raising investment, and DrivenWoman has given me the confidence to pitch effectively. Having the members’ support is amazing.

Member since April 2014