I had been looking to change career direction for four years, and getting nowhere on my own. I dreamed of running a small company. But how could I find one to invest in? Joining DrivenWoman was quite dramatic, as through a DrivenWoman social event I met an amazing designer looking for investment – it was a match made in heaven, and now I run our shoe company, Finsk. At DrivenWoman we not only work on our specific business goals, but also share our successes and failures, so we all learn from each other. When you’re at home on your own you don’t feel driven or have control of your life, even if you have aspirations of doing so.

Sometimes women can be jealous and competitive, but at DrivenWoman everyone is open and happy to share views and opinions and experiences to benefit the others in the group. Best of all they are truly happy when things go right for you. The true benefit is in sharing your experiences with likeminded women and getting their support. It gives me so much energy and inspiration and I get such kick from seeing women achieving, not giving up easily when they fail or hit an obstacle, but carrying on. It’s very motivating. And we do a different exercise each month, so there’s always something new to learn about improving not just our careers but also our personal lives. We are all from different backgrounds, and everybody has their challenges, and together we share and learn.

Member since April 2014