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Driven Woman is a network for women with ideas and ambition who want to achieve their goals

Our Team

All our Group Leaders are energetic, driven women who want to live a bigger life. Their role of as a Group Leader is to inspire and help all members to stay accountable to their goals. They are not there to give you all the answers, you will find them yourself with the help of everyone in the group.

Group Leader Biographies

Miisa Mink

Miisa is the founder and chief doer at DrivenWoman. She’s an entrepreneur, author and blogger. Prior to her entrepreneurial career Miisa was known as a highly accomplished branding professional. Miisa lives in South East London with her husband and two sons. She believes we can live fully only by stepping outside our comfort zone. Her glass is always full and she has learnt to be undaunted by failure or adversity.


Julia Keller

Julia is a founding member of DrivenWoman and a Love Coach. She helps women to rediscover their femininity, develop their inner self-confidence, and learn how to meet men or improve the relationship they already have, creating long lasting commitment, and achieve the kind of life they’ve always wanted

Jenny Oklikah

Jenny is a Driven Woman member, director at an organisation that promotes equality and human rights, and NLP practitioner and coach. She is driven by her values and commitment to making a difference to society. Jenny has built a career in the public sector, working at senior levels in central and local government. She is trustee of a charity that helps young people to achieve their potential. Jenny is passionate about personal development and growth, and believes that it is never too late to create the life that you want.

Fiona Flintham

Fiona is a Group Leader for DrivenWoman in Switzerland. She is an online marketing strategist who helps businesses reach mums online and shares her experiences with social media on her blog. Previously she worked for global media brands in consumer marketing. She’s from London and has lived in Switzerland with her family since 2014. She believes that we can achieve our full potential, if we surround ourselves with like-minded and positive people.

DrivenWoman Switzerland

Julia Ojanen

Julia is a Group Leader in DrivenWoman Helsinki, and a director in an organisation that works in international development. She is passionate about living in the now, and believes that big change is built through small steps in the everyday. Through DrivenWoman, Julia has found new courage to shift gears in her life and chase her dreams, and is keen to engage others on their own journey. She has spent a big part of her career living and working in Africa and Asia, which has taught her to appreciate the beauty and inspiration in the struggles of women and girls around the world.

DrivenWoman Finland

Tiia Sammallahti

Tiia is the Group Leader for Guildford, UK. She's a start-up entrepreneur running two disruptive ventures in the charitable and sustainable sector. Her background is in marketing, real-estate development and service concept development within retail, hospitality and FMCG market. Tiia is also a business book author, lectorer and experienced board member. She is a big believer in constant growth and life long learning and she is famous for pursuing everything she has ever said she would not. Tiia lives in Guildford, Surrey with her screenwriter husband and three children.

Katie Driver

Katie is the group leader for DrivenWoman in Wimbledon. Katie is an accredited business coach who is passionate about helping people create better working lives, drawing on evidence-based approaches for body, brain and mind. Katie was previously a senior public sector leader and believes we all have a role to play in helping not just ourselves but also those around us to achieve better working lives. Katie lives in South West London with her husband and two children, runs marathons and is a Governor at her local Further Education College.

DrivenWoman Wimbledon

Leonie Troxler

Leonie is the joint Group Leader for DrivenWoman in Switzerland. Leonie’s professional background is in law and hedge funds. Her entrepreneurial spirit has been a strong influence in her private life fuelling her passion for property development and setting up several successful bilingual day care centers together with her mother. Leonie moved to Switzerland from South Africa in 1997, is married and has a daughter. No challenge has ever been too great for her positive approach to life and work. Leonie would like to help women rediscover their passions and find new direction in their lives.

DrivenWoman Switzerland

How to become a Group Leader?

All our members’ groups are moderated by Group Leaders who come from within our membership. We don’t hire people, nor do we hold ‘training days’ where you could simply learn our method in a day. This is because we don’t believe in absorbing a culture in a day. We are building something very special, something much greater than ourselves, something much greater than a ‘concept’. We are building a community with a DrivenWoman mindset.

This is why all our Group Leaders come from within the DrivenWoman program. You will usually be an active member and love contributing to the community already before considering of becoming a Group Leader. How fast you can move to the this level depends on you, but on average women become Group Leaders after minimum of 6 months, but usually after 1 or 2 years of membership.

We make an exception to this rule when we open new territories if coming to existing LifeWorking groups is not feasible. If you are interested in bringing DrivenWoman to your area please send Miisa an email.

Can I become a Group Leader faster if I’m already a life coach?

DrivenWoman is not based on trusting a ‘guru’ to give you all the answers. Yes, the Group Leader has often more experience than perhaps some of the other members, but her role still isn’t to ‘coach’. She’s there to inspire and keep people moving forward. At DrivenWoman everyone coaches everyone. So if you are already a life coach and interested in our method we will still expect you to be an active member for a minimum of 6 months before you can be considered becoming a Group Leader.

Why you should consider?

Being a DrivenWoman Group Leader allows me to do what I love: helping other women to achieve the kind of amazing journey that has brought me to where I am now in living the life I love. I know the ride can be rocky at times when trying to pursue your dream, and I’ve been there, so I’m really passionate about helping other women through the same amazing journey.
Julia Keller

I was thrilled to become a Group Leader. Coming to DrivenWoman has really helped me personally so now I’m happy to be able to help others on their own journeys.
Jenny Oklikah

What DrivenWoman does is simply amazing! The thought process and attitude resonates with me and how I see the world and that’s why I want to be part of it.
Susanna Saikkonen

DrivenWoman has given me space, support, disruption and inspiration to grow, learn, and find my own answers and I want to share that with everyone.  Mandy Reeve

The DrivenWoman licence

All our Group Leaders are DrivenWoman™ licence holders but operate the groups independently.

Interested in becoming a DrivenWoman Group Leader?

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