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Driven Woman is a network for women with ideas and ambition who want to achieve their goals


How it works?

Come to one of our Introduction events, held monthly in Central London in Soho, East London, North LondonSwitzerland and in Finland. You will get a good insight into who we are and how the DrivenWoman method of ‘Lifeworking’ works. There is no commitment to join and you can simply enjoy an inspiring evening with like-minded women and finally spend some time on your own goals.

After the Introduction session you are invited to join DrivenWoman as a member. There’s no membership requirements, anyone can join. We simply expect you to share our values of proactivity and honesty, be a genuine person and be willing to share your journey once a month. Here are our T&Cs.

So once a month we get together to update each other on our progress towards our goals. Sounds like a ‘no brainer’ and it is, it works. Suddenly you get a very supportive crowd of women who all want you to succeed. You will learn from other members’ experiences and celebrate their successes.

Membership packages are available for 6 months – £220.00 or 12 months – £390.00. The fee covers the attendance to the Monthly Members’ Meetings and 25% discount on other DrivenWoman events, such as workshops and seminars.

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Why you should come?

Do you want more out of life, but feel stuck? Do you have dreams you long to achieve that feel unattainable? Or maybe you’re struggling to find your true passion, and unsure even where to look for it? Want to live a bigger, better life?

Well you’ve come to the right place. DrivenWoman is a community of women who dare to dream big. But more important than dreams are the steps to make our dreams actually happen, tackling obstacles one at a time.

Once a month members get together to discuss how far they’ve got and what challenges they need to tackle next, and all in a fun and supportive atmosphere. It really is like ‘Weightwatchers for the soul’!

Take a second to think about this. Imagine if you actually achieved your heart’s desire. Launched your own business, or travelled the world, or bought that dream house – lived a bigger life. How would that feel? Sometimes it can seem like everyone else is achieving except you. Living exhilarating lives because they seem more confident, more savvy, more wealthy, more happy. The fact is you are just as capable of this, but dreams of living bigger get thwarted by fear, indecision and the demands of our day-to-day reality.

That’s why we founded DrivenWoman.

Our mission is to help women who have ideas and ambition to gain the confidence, create the time and build the stamina to achieve their goals.

Ask yourself – what’s holding you back?

I really want to achieve my dreams…

…but my job takes up all my time

…but I don’t know where to start

…but I don’t know what I really want

…but I’m afraid of failure

…but I’m not sure it will make me happy

…but my family time would suffer

…but I don’t have the financial backing

…but it just seems like too much effort

…but I don’t have time to get training

…but good things just don’t happen to me

…but my husband might leave me

…but my goldfish just died




Does this sound familiar? Embracing change means making a conscious effort, finding the mental space and enduring a certain amount of pain in order to tackle each one of those obstacles. So we end up sticking with what we know but then find ourselves regretting the dreams we never fulfilled, and envying those who go ahead and do it. We spend hours dreaming about it and talking about it, but ultimately doing nothing. DrivenWoman membership can help you overcome each one of those obstacles and make what you want a reality. No excuses, no buts.

So do you want to stay stuck, or do you want to do what you love? Come on, it’s a no-brainer.

Stop making excuses and start claiming a bigger life, one step at a time!

Become a Member

Who it’s for

DrivenWoman is for everyone who is ready to admit the keys to your personal success is in your own hands. Every woman should believe in their own abilities to build a bigger, better life.

Our members are typically in one of the following situations:

Thinking of changing your career

You’ve got the tittle but you are not sure if what you do is really the right fit. We don’t give career advice, but you will find our meetings an inspiring and supporting environment to challenge your current thinking and help you to look for other alternative ideas.

Want to start your own business

You have a dream, a passion, and an idea for a business but don’t quite have the courage or knowledge to take the first step. We have lots of women coming to our groups for support and shared knowledge. Together we can create the momemtum and action plan that will help you to move forward towards your dream.

Early stages in your entrepreneurial journey

You have got the business launched but are still in a very early stages of your entrepreneurial journey. Building a business can be lonely. Here you find inspiration and ideas from other driven women that will help you stay focused and beat the obstacles on your way to success.

Stay at home mother looking to find your thing

Sometimes we get so consumed with taking care of our families that we completely forget to look after ourselves. Our sessions will provide you with a structure and supportive environment to explore what you would like to do for yourself next.

Want to improve all aspects of your life

You have a great career and happy home but somehow something is missing? Or perhaps you have been focusing on just one area of your life and left other parts unattended. We need to plan and care for our lives as a whole. A happy relationship will make your career blossom and vise versa.

Come to the next Introduction session in Central London.

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Taking small steps towards big dreams

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