Is social media helping achieve your goals or wasting your time?
Is online engagement producing offline results?
Do you have a social media strategy?

Having an active social media profile is a great start, but is it working for you? LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other networks promise visibility, but without a strategy they can amount to little more than a fleeting endorphin hit. Once you thoughtfully align your social media efforts to your goal, these tools can work wonders.

This 2.5-hour workshop is a chance to define your own social media strategy, discover how to engage with authenticity, and understand how to get meaningful results to support your goals. Exercises will lay the blueprint for your personalised action plan.

BONUS: Free follow-up consultation one month after the workshop to discuss progress and answer questions.

Participants are encouraged to bring laptops for online work during the exercises.

This workshop is led by Liza Horan, founder of Media Moxiedigital strategy consultancy and DrivenWoman Scotland group leader. She’s coached C-level leaders on social media for personal branding and business goals. Liza’s print journalism career switched to digital in 1995 when she launched for The New York Times Co. Since that time she has led digital product, strategy and transformation efforts for companies including ESPN, Informa, Incisive, and Newsquest Specialist Media. Her social media coaching clients include C-suite leaders across a variety of industries. Liza, who recently moved from London to Edinburgh, earned her master’s degree in strategic communications from Columbia University in the City of New York.