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Do you have the drive to become a group leader?

Are you an exceptional woman who wants to empower others to succeed, whilst challenging yourself?

Maybe you’ve been on a personal development journey for a couple of years and have encountered and overcome difficulties or made major changes in your life?

We’re looking for women like you.

You’re a natural ‘doer’ with a positive attitude, you strive for success and happiness in your life and now you’re ready to share your experiences and want to help other women.

You have a desire to find your own truth and become the best version of yourself and you’re motivated by the values of DrivenWoman: proactivity, honesty and diversity.

You are interested in people and personal growth.

You want to make the world a better place.

DrivenWoman is a members’ network that helps women define their own success, create positive habits and put plans into action,
one small step at a time.

We do this by sharing our progress, keeping each other accountable and inspiring each other in monthly group meetings around the world. Hundreds of women have successfully transformed their lives using the collective energy of the Lifeworking groups. These transformations include radical career change, setting up new businesses and learning to live a more balanced life. Women from different backgrounds and professions use Lifeworking to achieve a positive life change and live a bigger life.

DrivenWoman is more than a woman’s network; we are an organically growing ecosystem and community with shared values. We thrive by supporting, learning and empowering each other and to us, our Group Leaders are everything.

DrivenWoman groups are run by independent Group Leaders, women like you, who want to join the movement to accelerate their own progress towards a bigger life and earn a side income whilst doing meaningful work with social impact.

By joining our tribe and becoming a DrivenWoman Group Leader we’ll help you:

  • Accelerate your own personal growth
  • Empower other women to succeed
  • Build a network of like-minded women around you
  • Be part of a global movement of women ‘doers’ and the feminine way
  • Get support from our inspiring tribe
  • Create an extra income stream

…and change the world

During the DrivenWoman member meetings, you’ll facilitate your groups according to the DrivenWoman concept but you are the driving force. You’ll inspire, lead and support your group members whilst receiving the positive energy back from your group to take your own steps on the DrivenWoman journey.

"Being a DrivenWoman Group Leader allows me to do what I love: helping other women to achieve the kind of amazing journey that has brought me to where I am now, living the life I love."
Julia Keller, London, UK
"I was thrilled to become a Group Leader. Coming to DrivenWoman has really helped me personally so now I’m happy to be able to help others on their own journeys."
Jenny Oklikah, London, UK
"No-where else do I get such an intense feeling of fulfilment and social impact. My groups have brought me great joy - I love running our monthly meetings and am continuously surprised by the power of the group, their growth and successes"
Fiona Flintham, Switzerland

Frequently asked questions

You can run as many or as few groups as you like! Many DrivenWoman Group Leaders have a full time career or are business owners but love running one or two groups on the side. If you are very successful there is no limit to how many groups you can run and potentially make it your main income source.

You will need to dedicate up to 5 hours per month to successfully run one members’ group and manage customer care. You will also have to dedicate some time for finding and booking a venue for the monthly meetings and to marketing efforts to fill up your groups.

You will get support and training to set up a DrivenWoman Lifeworking group, but it is important you have a positive ‘can do’ attitude, high work ethic and that you are highly committed to building your community.

You will attend a one-day training, where you’ll learn the DrivenWoman concept and method, how to run introduction sessions and member meetings, and how to succeed as a Group Leader. Further set-up training and support is arranged online.

All Group Leaders are expected to take part in one further training each year. The training days/weekends are focused on personal growth and making your dreams happen and will benefit you beyond your work as a Group Leader.

Most Group Leaders have a full time career or own another business that generates their main income. Some are ex-corporate mums looking for flexible work and a part-time income. Starting with DrivenWoman as a Group Leader will create a side income stream that will allow you flexibility in your career choices in the future. Your earnings will depend on how many groups you run, members you acquire and how your ‘ecosystem’ grows beyond your own groups.

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