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Get inspired! Women doing amazing things and defining their own kind of success. Listen to inspiring interviews about personal success, getting over the fear of failure and living a bigger life by Festival Of Doers 2017 speakers.

Dr. Danusia Malina-Derben is a serial entrepreneur and straight-talking leadership consultant. As well as being the authority on all things “c-suite”, she is also a mother of ten, including triplets of three years old. Her perspective on the have-it-all-debate has established her as the go-to expert on work-life balance. In autumn 2016 the Unstoppable Mothers website launches– an inspirational movement for ambitious and accomplished women navigating the journey of career success and happy children.
Susanna Halonen, also known as the Happyologist, is a happiness coach and writer. She uses the science of positive psychology to help you to kill your self-doubt, embrace positive thinking and build a lifestyle you love. She is the author of Screw Finding Your Passion, a published researcher and a regular commentator in the media. Happyologist
Emma is a business woman, speaker, host, performer, writer and director. She heads up an international leadership consultancy Truth Works helping senior executives, business owners and entrepreneurs find, speak and live their truth. Emma is also an award winning comedy performer with a keen sense of humour. She has the ability to create stories that provoke laughter and discussion in every audience. She’s a sought after host in national business events, including the European Women in Sales Awards. TruthWorks
Priya Virmani is a political and economic analyst who writes for The Guardian and The New Statesman. She is a social entrepreneur and the founder and director of Paint Our World - a humanitarian project that works with underprivileged children in India. She’s a TEDx speaker and a global advocate for children’s rights and women’s issues. Paint Our World
Geeta Sidhu-Robb is an author, inspirational speaker, CEO and Founder of Nosh Detox. Her frequent appearance on Radio and National TV has given her a strong media profile as an expert on Natural Health Solutions. Geeta gave up her career as a corporate lawyer to set up her own business, Nosh Detox in 2008, after her son’s severe food allergies, eczema, asthma and anaphylaxis as a baby led her to retrain as a Raw Chef and functional nutritionist. See Geeta at the Festival Of Doers, 27.1.2017 in London.  
Kathryn Tyler is a social entrepreneur and co-founder of Digital Mums which uses pioneering training to help every mum achieve their perfect work life balance, either by upskilling them with in-demand digital skills or working with employers to support them to offer work that works. She currently holds the coveted Red Woman of the Year award in the start-up category and the Marie Claire Future Shaper award in the career mavericks category in recognition of Digital Mum’s contribution to reducing maternal discrimination. Meet Kathryn at Festival Of Doers, 27.1.2017 in London where she will share her passion for creating flexible working for mothers. #workthatworks
Niyc Pidgeon is a Positive Psychologist MSc, Global Success Coach, Author of ‘Now Is Your Chance’ (Hay House) and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015. Her purpose is to help a million women change their lives using Positive Psychology by the year 2020. Might one of these women be you?
Amanda Ready is a licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and a change agent committed to improving the lives of women and their families in poverty-stricken communities worldwide. Ready is the Founder of Ready to Empower, a U.S.-based non-profit making a significant impact on the lives of families around the world. Amanda’s extraordinary efforts to improve the lives of others have earned her numerous awards, including a 2015 Hero Award for Generosity from Amway. Meet Amanda at Festival Of Doers 27.1.2017 in London
Geraldine Le Meur is a San Francisco based French Entrepreneur. Over the past 20 years, she co-founded LeWeb and several successful tech startups where she held senior management roles. Her new venture, The Refiners, is a cross border accelerator to help foreign startups in San Francisco go global. Her angel investments include LinkedIn, LendingClub and Evernote. In 2016 she's been voted one of the most Inspiring 50 women in tech in Europe. Meet Geraldine at Festival Of Doers 27.1.2017 in London
Jo Westwood is the Sprit DJ, a super practical spiritual life coach. She mentors highly motivated women how to be happier, more fulfilled and successful in their lives, whatever challenges they may face. Meet Jo at Festival Of Doers 27.1.2017 in London
Emilia Lahti (MSc, MAPP) is a researcher and social activist, whose life mission is to be a catalyst for human connection and compassion. She’s given talks at Stanford, UC Berkeley, and TEDx, as well as at Singularity University at NASA Ames, where she studied. In her PhD, Emilia is exploring the Finnish construct of sisu, denoting endurance in the face of extreme adversity. She’s is currently training to run 2300km solo across the length of New Zealand to break the silence around interpersonal violence. Meet Emilia at Festival Of Doers 27.1.2017 in London

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