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There is a massively important question that we can ask ourselves on a regular basis – what is important to me? Like, really important. What’s in my heart? What does […]

Body is a great messenger, if you choose to listen. This week my body made sure I did as for the third time in just a couple of months the […]

Couple of years ago I went for a holiday in Miami. It was going to be a fun packed week with my girlfriends going to the beach, art shows and […]

January is here and all those promises of becoming a ‘better me’ in 2017 need to be put in practice. After weeks of munching down rich Christmas foods and festive […]

Recently, my kids and I were ill. Starting from my younger daughter, and passing to each of us in turn, we all took turns being unwell. As I’d just finished […]

The Americans have just celebrated Thanksgiving, the holiday that is very close to my heart being raised in the US. We gather with friends and family to celebrate an important […]

I’ve been asked to write this post by many people for a long time, so here it comes. Let’s start with a full disclosure. I’m not a nutritionist. I’m also […]

“I should reap some benefits from working as a freelancer.” said Mel, a freelance journalist and a DrivenWoman member, sharing the news that she’d just booked a little cottage for […]

Do you ever catch yourself planning out your life, in your head? Do you try to imagine all possible scenarios in advance? Do you envision, with certainty, all possible consequences […]

Do you sometimes feel you know exactly what has to be done but lack the initiative to finalise a project and take the necessary steps? You can pinpoint the little improvements […]

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