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The room was packed and expectations were high. This would be the night Maria would change her money mindset. She believed there was a secret that she’d have to uncover […]

Not an evening goes by in London these days when you can’t check in to some kind of event, seminar or lecture aimed at improving some aspect of your life. […]

Last summer I got tired of pay day loan companies’ advertising. The dream life they offered would be financed by loans. I couldn’t disagree more. Living a life of luxury […]

Last week’s post about money and our usefulness to others sparked a lot of conversation and comments on the blog. It inspired me to think what money means to me […]

We are writing about women and money in August. This week we have a guest post from a true money professional – Terhi Majasalmi, an experienced entrepreneur, professional investor and Women’s […]

I can’t get my head around why we women are too afraid to say “I want to be wealthy, rich and financially free. I want to be able to go […]

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