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Recently, my kids and I were ill. Starting from my younger daughter, and passing to each of us in turn, we all took turns being unwell. As I’d just finished […]

Imagine you need to have a challenging conversation which must be delivered with power and poise. How would you go about doing that? Most people would go to tremendous efforts […]

Four years ago I was in a spot where many women find themselves these days, wondering what my true purpose in life would be. I was searching for answers — […]

“How am I ever going to get through everything?” summed up one of our members how she felt about the run up to Christmas. There’s definitely not enough time to buy […]

The Americans have just celebrated Thanksgiving, the holiday that is very close to my heart being raised in the US. We gather with friends and family to celebrate an important […]

Ever since I’ve had the courage to truly pursue my long dream of becoming a Love Coach, I’ve found myself meeting the most incredible, interesting people who have the potential […]

Recently, life hit me hard in the area I least expected to be hit in. It happened, as it often does: just when my business as a Love Coach was […]

I must admit that since I’ve decided to “own it” and commit to being a Love Coach full time, I’ve met some very interesting people and heard some fascinating stories […]

I have slightly mixed feelings about Mother’s Day, which we here in the UK celebrated yesterday. (Even if you don’t have children yet, keep reading. Nobody tells you this at […]

“Would you like to speak at our conference?” asks the voice on the phone. I’m easily flattered and usually eager to put myself forward as doing things like this makes […]

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