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This is a guest post from personal development coach Donna Hubbard. When I look back at my life I can see a clear pattern between how I was feeling about […]

This is a guest post from a DrivenWoman member Manisha Patel. She recently took part in our workshop and captures here what she learned about vulnerability. It was a Saturday […]

Do you sometimes feel you know exactly what has to be done but lack the initiative to finalise a project and take the necessary steps? You can pinpoint the little improvements […]

It’s been a few months now since I decided to own my greys and step into the unknown of the disproval of others.  This has been quite a journey, a […]

Whilst December is often a time of celebration and reflection, come January it is time to look forward and plan ahead. I imagine you’ve already thought about resolutions and intentions […]

We recently asked DrivenWoman members to give feedback on their progress and experience. Jackie, a member since the beginning (May 2013), replied: “I’m so motivated, DrivenWoman has put me in […]

‘The Ultimate Happiness prescription’ by the wonderful Deepak Chopra is an insightful and inspiring read and one that I highly recommend.  He talks about one of the leading theories of […]

This is the time of the year when, in my business as a Sports Agency, so many emotions rise to the surface. Athletes have spend the last 12 months intensively […]

I decided that as part of my personal growth journey I was going to find out whether or not Jennifer Stoute was Jennifer Stoute or just a bag of hot […]

Last week I wrote about the tools and resources you can use for success and personal development, and this got me thinking about where my journey actually began. What was […]

This is a second part to the article I posted last Monday about tools and resources that are helpful on a personal journey. Everyone’s experience and tools will be different, […]

Stepping outside our comfort zone is one of the central themes at DrivenWoman. Then I read Deepak Chopra‘s ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ which claims everything you do should […]

How to turn something difficult into easy? We athletes must do it all the time to our bodies. We work hard to achieve stamina and make going fast look easy. […]

This is a quest post from Niyc Pidgeon, the founder of Optimal You. Niyc is a Positive Psychologist with specialism in physical activity, sport and exercise. She holds an MSc (Dist.) […]

Magazine articles leading up to Christmas gets our blood boiling. ‘How to create a stress free Christmas‘, ‘10 tips to easy Christmas‘ and so on. So it was very refreshing […]

We know a wonderful girl, she has a dream, a big big dream. She wants to live a life according to her own rules. A life that looks like her, […]

Last Wednesday I went to Amy Winehouse Foundation ball where I met an enchanting lady who’s persona oozed with confidence.  After an hour or so into our conversation she explained to […]

Have you ever stopped to plan your life as a whole? Have you ever wrote down goals beyond your career ambitions or weekly to-do lists? Just think what could happen […]

In order to succeed, to change your life, to grow, to achieve financial independence or happiness (or both!), you have to learn. You must learn new skills, learn a new […]

It was the first week of school and I was helping my two 4 year old boys to undress their school uniforms only to notice that I had send them […]

It’s Monday morning again, our favourite day of the week! We are on the move, doing stuff we love and kicking some ass! If you are stuck in your personal […]

Most people don’t believe anything is possible. Most people think people who think anything is possible are disillusioned dreamers or unrealistic lunatics at best. Why? Because they use other people’s […]

Taking small steps towards big dreams

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