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Does this sound familiar? You have a clear goal but wonder why it remains out of reach. You work hard and feel you are prepared but somehow keep missing the […]

The procrastination to write this feature has extended over 5 months since I first got the invitation from Miisa. I can find many reasons why, including personal tragedies, lack of […]

When I think about the person I am today I owe a lot to the women who shaped me. There’s three core parts that best describe me: strength of character, […]

In my last week’s post I promised to share my new year’s resolutions. I’ve established an effective habit of posting my personal growth resolutions for the year ahead, for three […]

I don’t have to tell you this, new year’s resolutions are hard. Just before the start of a new year there’s enormous optimism in the air. We all have big dreams, […]

It’s almost Christmas, and I’m thinking… where did this autumn go! The days are turning into weeks and weeks fold into months. Looking back you soon wonder “Did I do […]

This week I was blown away by my 13-year-old. She had set a big goal for this year and we are only in May and she has actually achieved it! Her […]

Wednesday was a special day for me. I got to be my beauty therapist’s first private client. I met Michaela for the first time four years ago when I visited […]

Do you ever catch yourself planning out your life, in your head? Do you try to imagine all possible scenarios in advance? Do you envision, with certainty, all possible consequences […]

The year end is always populated with ‘the best of’ -lists, but sometimes it’s a feeling of disappointment rather than triumph how the year has gone. Do you think nothing turned […]

My plan is to live 100 years. I’ve been saying that for a while now. It first started half-jokingly but I’m getting more serious about my goal now and have started […]

If someone told you today that by dedicating two hours every day to your project, you’d be worth £5 million in 5 years. Would you do it and work diligently […]

Start of February and we are slowly sobering up from our New Year’s resolutions. In most cases, they are already all but forgotten. It’s possible that your New Year’s resolutions […]

It’s been 13 days since the New Year began. Most of us made grand New Year’s resolutions, but how many of us can say we are still on course or […]

Last night’s torrential rain seemed to push half of our DrivenWoman group members off the course as last minute cancellations poured in. For a native Finn who used to ski […]

Today my three and half week holiday is finally over. I’m so happy! I have been looking forward getting back to work almost since the holiday started. No, I’m not […]

My motto in life has always been ‘you get what you order’, in another words, if you ask for something you might get it. If you don’t ask you most […]

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