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Women are the next growth market. You hear it all the time now, but what does it mean? We are not only talking about women as a target group for […]

It’s always exciting to talk to women who have followed their passion and managed to deal with life circumstances to build something amazing. Many of us have been taught that […]

I had a chance to chat with entrepreneur Jo Wimble-Groves, an award winning businesswoman who co-owns a communications company ‘Active Digital’ which she operates with her brother. She started out as […]

I’ve spent the weekend wiping tears of my cheeks. They are the tears of joy and fulfilment. I still haven’t quite recovered from the emotions and a wave of gratitude I […]

We all have heard a story about someone who was lucky to be at the right place at the right time, who then became wildly successful. Surely her success can be […]

Do you tell yourself that you are ‘too old’ to start something new? Do you think you’ve reached an age when you should just settle for the life you have? […]

I always wanted to create a brand that would reflect who I am, my personality and my values. I built my career as a branding consultant advising companies how they […]

“How am I ever going to get through everything?” summed up one of our members how she felt about the run up to Christmas. There’s definitely not enough time to buy […]

It’s pretty simple: you want more clients and you want increased income. And with so many marketing activities to choose from, you want to work smart. You might have already […]

Let’s go back two years. It’s a rainy and dark late summer evening in Soho. We’ve founded DrivenWoman women’s network couple of months earlier and are sitting in a co-working […]

Would you help your friends to succeed? Of course, who wouldn’t. But what if it’s getting more and more difficult to understand what success actually means to people. What if […]

What does a driven woman read during her well deserved holidays? We have compiled a comprehensive list of books for useful, inspiring and fun (useful can also be fun!) summer reading. […]

This is a second part to the article I posted last Monday about tools and resources that are helpful on a personal journey. Everyone’s experience and tools will be different, […]

It’s our first birthday this week – whoop-whoop! We are thrilled, and pretty proud, of how far we’ve come since our first event on the 8th of May 2013 in Hyde […]

Jo Middleton aka Slummy Single Mummy aka @mummyblogger started blogging in 2009. She originally wanted to showcase her writing talent, which according to her wasn’t that much at the time. She didn’t […]

Stepping outside our comfort zone is one of the central themes at DrivenWoman. Then I read Deepak Chopra‘s ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ which claims everything you do should […]

This week we have a quest post from Jo Middleton, Slummy Single Mummy aka @mummyblogger, an award-winning blogger and a copywriter with amazing Twitter following.  ………. I work a lot with social […]

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your website you launched too late.” A brilliant #startup quote from Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn. Just imagine how much […]

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