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Driven Woman is a network for women with ideas and ambition who want to achieve their goals

What do you think offers more value: a good question or a good answer? So many people just want to find out the ‘truth’, the correct answer. I know I lived […]

‘The Ultimate Happiness prescription’ by the wonderful Deepak Chopra is an insightful and inspiring read and one that I highly recommend.  He talks about one of the leading theories of […]

Last week’s post about money and our usefulness to others sparked a lot of conversation and comments on the blog. It inspired me to think what money means to me […]

DrivenWoman talks about money this month. The theme inspired me to share a thought that has stayed with me since reading Napoleon Hill‘s book ‘Think And Grow Rich‘.  He explains the secret […]

We are writing about women and money in August. This week we have a guest post from a true money professional – Terhi Majasalmi, an experienced entrepreneur, professional investor and Women’s […]

I can’t get my head around why we women are too afraid to say “I want to be wealthy, rich and financially free. I want to be able to go […]

What does a driven woman read during her well deserved holidays? We have compiled a comprehensive list of books for useful, inspiring and fun (useful can also be fun!) summer reading. […]

I have a confession to make.. I was actually looking for ways to slack off (!) this post. A short cut, anything that could have saved me from the real […]

This is the time of the year when, in my business as a Sports Agency, so many emotions rise to the surface. Athletes have spend the last 12 months intensively […]

Last week I wrote about the tools and resources you can use for success and personal development, and this got me thinking about where my journey actually began. What was […]

When I woke up this morning I felt a strong urge to to write about this amazing woman Maya Angelou, who passed away yesterday. I got up, walked out and […]

There is a feeling of frustration women feel trying to figure out what they are passionate about. You want to find that one thing that makes you jump out of […]

Start of February and we are slowly sobering up from our New Year’s resolutions. In most cases, they are already all but forgotten. It’s possible that your New Year’s resolutions […]

Have you ever stopped to plan your life as a whole? Have you ever wrote down goals beyond your career ambitions or weekly to-do lists? Just think what could happen […]

It’s Monday morning again, our favourite day of the week! We are on the move, doing stuff we love and kicking some ass! If you are stuck in your personal […]

Most people don’t believe anything is possible. Most people think people who think anything is possible are disillusioned dreamers or unrealistic lunatics at best. Why? Because they use other people’s […]

One popular theme that is emerging in our DrivenWoman groups is finding the right guy. Well, you’d guess it. Finding the right partner is a pretty important part of a […]

We’ve all been there. The dream seems so unrealistic and far away that it is probably best not even try. Or better still, why should you even find out what […]

As long as women are able to fulfil their role in the society, there is no problem. What is all this talk about empowering women? Is this some sort of […]

It has been a great mystery to us why women have such a low self-esteem. Why it is so difficult for most of us to say out loud what we […]

You see a group of women sitting in a cafe. What do you think they are talking about? I keep asking this question from practically everyone I meet these days […]

I’m writing a book about inspiring and entrepreneurial women who are pursuing their passion and building a business based on their talent, personality and purpose. I’ve been doing a lot […]

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