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The longing to do something meaningful and self driven is increasing. One of the most common themes I encounter in our groups is a desire for women to follow their […]

I originally came to Driven Woman in the hope of making friends, which despite having been in Zürich for two years, was more difficult than I’d imagined. At the time […]

When I first joined the DrivenWoman Introduction session in January 2016, I wasn’t at all full of excitement in that cheerleader high-up-ponytail “let’s do this” kind of way. I felt […]

I will never forget the ‘aha’ moment that lead to founding DrivenWoman. I was somewhat desperately searching for my next career move after having left the big corporate life a […]

We are already way into January, which is astonishing, and time seems to be racing by. We almost have to find time to stand still to allow time to catch […]

As a new (very) small business owner, I sometimes want to pinch myself because I’ve actually left the world of full time employment… and the world still turns! I started Spark […]

A few years back in a session, a therapist told me that the whole orientation of my inner system was wired towards stress. It was a sub-conscious program in my […]

In April 2009 I came to London leaving behind a lovely house in Amsterdam and my own business which I had set up five year prior to my move. I […]

Do you get frustrated trying to figure out what they you passionate about? Do you want to find that one thing that makes you jump out of bed with excitement […]

I had an interesting telephone conversation with Oliver Bremer, the co-founder of Founder2be, an online company that helps entrepreneurs to find a co-founder for their start-up or an idea. He asked me […]

Just over five years ago I was sitting on a bench in Hampstead Heath, watching the dog walkers and feeling empty and little panicky inside. Who was I? I had […]

It was our first Entrepreneurial Clinic on building a ‘Business Model’ Monday night at DrivenWoman. The aim was to establish the difference between ‘a hobby’ and a business in the […]

We’ve all been there. The dream seems so unrealistic and far away that it is probably best not even try. Or better still, why should you even find out what […]

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