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Driven Woman is a network for women with ideas and ambition who want to achieve their goals

Commitment is often hailed as a key ingredient to success. Commitment is high on the agenda with DrivenWoman and one of the first concepts our new members get in touch […]

There’s a direct link between honouring your inner drive and how you show up and express your personality through the choices you make in all areas of your life. Too […]

If there’s one thing that really upsets me right now it’s that so many women are still reluctant to invest in themselves. And I’m not talking about a boob job […]

Many people associate the word ‘driven’ with high achievement and pushing yourself forward beyond joy. The name ‘Driven Woman’ is often misunderstood. But that interpretation could not be further away […]

I have a plan A. There’s no longer any plan B. I have put into practise all my other ideas, I have taken steps to wrong directions, I have triumphed […]

Many of us look external signs for things we can only find inside of us. Ultimately our best radar is our own intuition. Developing this inherent sense is the most […]

It’s always exciting to talk to women who have followed their passion and managed to deal with life circumstances to build something amazing. Many of us have been taught that […]

We make thousands of good and bad decisions every day. Yet, we don’t always see what role those decisions play in our personal path to success. I talked to Jane Adshead-Grant, […]

The elements of success are often granular and as much as we’d like to simply follow a ‘success formula’, everyone has to find their own unique path to success. The […]

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