We recently asked DrivenWoman members to give feedback on their progress and experience. Jackie, a member since the beginning (May 2013), replied: “I’m so motivated, DrivenWoman has put me in a completely different mind-set. I come because I see change.

It’s of course lovely to hear good feedback and see people moving towards their goals. The personal success stories of our members is what give us the satisfaction, and the reason we keep putting in the effort. Now, after running the networking groups for 1 ½ years, we’ve made an important observation. The reason our members see change may partly be contributed to our ‘method’, but their success is really down to the discipline and work they are doing to improve themselves. And their openness to listen others and look for answers.

In a recent ‘Wealthy Woman Workshop’ it was interesting to observe the difference between DrivenWoman members and the non-members. Women not familiar with our philosophy and structure came to the Workshop expecting answers. We offered questions instead. Questions are much more valuable than answers, everyone has to create their own answers.

No one can tell me how I should live my life.

It’s for all of us to figure out our own way. Despite this most of us keep waiting for the luck to change or to suddenly discover the secret to success.

There’s a lot of self-help, personal improvement and success advice out there. Anyone can give you a piece of paper with ten key points on how to be successful. You can attend a seminar and get all excited and inspired about how someone else became successful (and this is very useful, of course) or you could take an online course and hope to discover the secret. But nothing out there is going to be the magic pill. There’s no single tool or method that would give the answers. The only way to find them is to commit to the work itself.

Jackie was a reluctant participant at the start. She’d be late for the meetings or sometimes skip them altogether. Once she realised she could use these sessions as a tool to manifest her commitment to her goals she started to see real change.

People feel better blaming the method, the tools and the overall life’s circumstances. ‘My everyday life is so busy! The tools are wrong and don’t work for me! I picked a lousy course/seminar/book/blog.’

It’s easier to feel disappointed than to say ‘I’m going to stick to this and find my own answers!

And that’s what DrivenWoman offers, a structure to work on your own answers, month after month. This method suits many, but there are also other good structures out there.

It doesn’t matter what tools you use – it’s a good idea to look for help from other people, read books or take part in seminars – as long as there’s commitment to the work itself.

The responsibility for finding success is with the seeker. And how could any method or course offer the answers anyway, we all have a different definition of success! The sooner we choose our method and get to work, the sooner the answers will come.

What structures have you used to help you to stick to your goals? Do you have a story that would help other women who are looking for answers? Please comment.

~ Miisa