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This Monday we welcome a guest post from Niyc Pigeon, founder of Optimal You,  a motivational lifestyle brand, which emphasizes the power of a combination three areas: Positive Psychology, Personal Fitness, and Optimal Nutrition. […]

Most people don’t believe anything is possible. Most people think people who think anything is possible are disillusioned dreamers or unrealistic lunatics at best. Why? Because they use other people’s […]

How do you start your week? Do you feel energised and enthusiastic to start your week and can’ wait to get your teeth into the challenges that lie ahead? Or […]

No-one likes to hear anything negative said about them. We’d much rather bask in the endless sunshine of admiration and love. But criticism is absolutely vital for our development. A […]

We had a wonderful, fun and productive Entrepreneur’s Clinic last night. In 2 hours we sorted out six woman’s business branding from chilli sauce business to electronics recycling and new […]

One popular theme that is emerging in our DrivenWoman groups is finding the right guy. Well, you’d guess it. Finding the right partner is a pretty important part of a […]

Last night’s torrential rain seemed to push half of our DrivenWoman group members off the course as last minute cancellations poured in. For a native Finn who used to ski […]

Today my three and half week holiday is finally over. I’m so happy! I have been looking forward getting back to work almost since the holiday started. No, I’m not […]

My motto in life has always been ‘you get what you order’, in another words, if you ask for something you might get it. If you don’t ask you most […]

We’ve all been there. The dream seems so unrealistic and far away that it is probably best not even try. Or better still, why should you even find out what […]

As long as women are able to fulfil their role in the society, there is no problem. What is all this talk about empowering women? Is this some sort of […]

It has been a great mystery to us why women have such a low self-esteem. Why it is so difficult for most of us to say out loud what we […]

Yesterday at lunch we were discussing how people are trying to steal our time, attention and energy with negativity. The worst still, they will try to put us down. It […]

I have been actively designing my life for the past seven years now. And I mean life, not just work or career! It’s funny (no, not funny at all) how […]

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