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I always wanted to create a brand that would reflect who I am, my personality and my values. I built my career as a branding consultant advising companies how they […]

Do you sometimes feel you are constantly ‘catching up’ with time? Or perhaps life feels somehow ‘out of sync’? Are you anxious to ‘get going’ but something is holding you […]

I imagine most of us started the year with great intentions and plans for 2016. Perhaps your New Year’s resolutions included positive lifestyle changes such as drinking less wine or giving up […]

We are already way into January, which is astonishing, and time seems to be racing by. We almost have to find time to stand still to allow time to catch […]

When I think about the person I am today I owe a lot to the women who shaped me. There’s three core parts that best describe me: strength of character, […]

It’s a chilly Sunday morning in Soho. I’m writing this at the Soho Collective, the space where DrivenWoman groups meet monthly in London. I’m looking out of the beautiful arched […]

In my last week’s post I promised to share my new year’s resolutions. I’ve established an effective habit of posting my personal growth resolutions for the year ahead, for three […]

I don’t have to tell you this, new year’s resolutions are hard. Just before the start of a new year there’s enormous optimism in the air. We all have big dreams, […]

Does this sound familiar… If I had a magic wand my business would already be successful. If I had a magic wand I’d have money to hire someone to do […]

“How am I ever going to get through everything?” summed up one of our members how she felt about the run up to Christmas. There’s definitely not enough time to buy […]

What do you think about people who keep taking selfies and posting them online? Shallow? Vain? Self centered? Well, that hurts. I’ve posted 100 selfies in the past 2.5 years. […]

The Americans have just celebrated Thanksgiving, the holiday that is very close to my heart being raised in the US. We gather with friends and family to celebrate an important […]

It’s pretty simple: you want more clients and you want increased income. And with so many marketing activities to choose from, you want to work smart. You might have already […]

It’s almost Christmas, and I’m thinking… where did this autumn go! The days are turning into weeks and weeks fold into months. Looking back you soon wonder “Did I do […]

Would you agree a typical networking conversation goes a little bit like this. “Hi, I’m Miisa. Lovely to meet you.” “Hi, what do you do?” ..”Ah, that sounds very interesting. […]

How do we gain that 100% trust in ourselves? How do we trust our own instincts, no matter what? And how can we develop that inner strength that no external influence […]

As a new (very) small business owner, I sometimes want to pinch myself because I’ve actually left the world of full time employment… and the world still turns! I started Spark […]

I’ve been asked to write this post by many people for a long time, so here it comes. Let’s start with a full disclosure. I’m not a nutritionist. I’m also […]

Purpose is a word I’ve heard a lot about recently. Usually in relation to finding more purpose and meaning in our work. It’s not surprising really. When our work has […]

A few years back in a session, a therapist told me that the whole orientation of my inner system was wired towards stress. It was a sub-conscious program in my […]

Does this sound familiar… A month has gone, perhaps a year, and the same hard thing is staring at you at the top of your to-do list? You might be […]

Ever since I’ve had the courage to truly pursue my long dream of becoming a Love Coach, I’ve found myself meeting the most incredible, interesting people who have the potential […]

I am 48 years old and I finally feel like I have an opportunity to do something for me.  I have been struggling for the last few years trying to […]

“You can eat as much french fries as you like…” said my doctor six months ago after getting repeatedly frustrated with me and my laboratory results. He saw from my […]

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